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CBD & Pets

Signs your pet might benefit from CBD:

  1. They’ve been diagnosed with a serious illness
  2. They show signs that they are no longer comfortable in their body
  3. They vomit more frequently, and mostly liquid
  4. They spend more & more time alone
  5. Bowel habits have suddenly changed
  6. They don’t move around the way they used to
  7. Their eating habits have changed; appetite isn’t what it used to be
  8. Uncharacteristic lashing out leaves you worried
  9. Their sleeping habits have changed

How you can help your pet with CBD:

Though the prescribing laws for veterinarians are not yet where advocates would like, in September 2018, then Gov. Jerry Brown of California signed AB-2215 that protects veterinarians in California from legal action when discussing the use of cannabis with their pets. Still, many vets across the country are unwilling to engage in CBD discussions, leaving only personal antidotes to point to the efficacy of incorporating CBD into an ailing pet’s daily routines.

A Personal CBD Success Story:

After Margie’s twelve-year-old cat, Lola was diagnosed with cancer, and she made the tough decision not to pursue invasive medical procedures, she resigned herself to providing emotional support as she watched her precious pet slowly decline. After several okay months, Lola began to exhibit distressing symptoms: she would “cat cry” when trying to use the litter box, with little success; vomiting liquid became a regular happening leaving Margie feeling helpless, and Lola despondent.

While shopping at her small, local pet store in search of food that might be helpful for Lola’s gastrointestinal issues, Margie shared Lola’s status with the shop owner. After offering her sympathy and some new food suggestions, Margie stood at the checkout counter and glanced at a small display rack that housed several (pricey) CBD pet products. The shop owner’s testimony, though second hand, motivated Margie to splurge on a product that she instructed Margie to dispense directly into Lola’s wet food. With a money-back-guarantee, she decided to try it.

Margie tucked the receipt into her wallet, headed home, and dropped a bit of the CBD liquid immediately into Lola’s evening meal. That night, after gobbling up a few bites, Lola showed clear signs that Margie’s investment wasn’t for naught! Lola had a successful, cry-free trip to the litter box, after which she ran out of the bathroom and pounced around like she had pre-diagnosis.

Pets who, like humans, might benefit from CBD:

  • Pets with inflammatory conditions
  • Pets with gastrointestinal issues
  • Pets suffering the aches of joint issues
  • Pets in need of appetite stimulation
  • Pets who experience seizures
  • Pets who could use more joie de vivre

Which conditions might benefit from CBD Chamomile Blend?

  • Hyperactivity
  • Debilitating stress disorder
  • Excessive barking

Pets who might benefit from CBD Turmeric & Ginger Tea?

  • Older dogs that have suffer from joint issues
  • Pets diagnosed with terminal illness
  • Pets recovering from surgery
  • Pets who need to stimulate their appetite
  • Pets who experience seizures
  • Pets who could use more joie de vivre

Incorporate CBD Tea into your pet’s eating habits:

  • Brew 2-3 tea bags of CBD Chamomile Blend or CBD Turmeric & Ginger Tea in 8oz water.
  • Let cool completely, full strength (do not add ice).
  • Pour tea into a large glass bottle and refrigerate.
  • Add drops or teaspoons of concentrated tea to wet food.
  • Keep a daily log to note your pet’s reaction. Adjust amount as you see fit.

For best results, because cannabinoids need fat to be absorbed in the small intestine, dispense our CBD Teas mixed into your pet’s food.