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CBD & Mental Health

Can CBD help you feel more mentally balanced?

Possibly! As feeling blue from time to time is part of the human experience, finding ways to cope with the stresses of everyday living is a wise idea. A trained Buddhist learns to watch the feeling, or the thoughts that lead to the feeling, rather than attach to it. Those who carve out time for a regular meditation practice—sitting, walking, or claiming consistent mindfulness moments—come to know the peace and freedom that can result from this commitment.

Even those of us who practice meditation and mindfulness, however, sometimes run into brick walls when it comes to feeling in control of our emotions.

Dina McQueen
4 months ago

Review this mental health checklist for a peek into your inner world:
  • I often feel moody.
  • I suffer chronic fatigue, and/or often feel lethargic.
  • I’ve got aches & pains that cannot be explained.
  • Without knowing why, I break into tears and/or lash out for no good reason.
  • My eating habits are erratic: I rarely have an appetite, or I regularly overeat.
  • I’ve stopped socializing; I spend more time alone than I used to.
  • Too frequently, I find myself feeling restless, or irritable.
  • I just can’t seem to focus.
  • I wake up feeling hopeless, sad, or worried.
  • During the day, I can’t wait to go to sleep at night.
  • I have little or no interest in sex.
  • Sometimes, I think not being alive would be a solution.

How might CBD support mental health?

Some in the medical community are realizing that the side effects from drugs meant to ease the suffering caused by depression often aren’t worth it. Encouraging patients to peruse alternative modalities to treat mood disorders is becoming more and more mainstream. Exercise, mindfulness practices, a balanced eating plan—these are some non-pharmaceutical ideas worth checking out. As well, so might CBD.

The miracle of water-soluble CBD Tea:

Because oil and water don’t mix, CBD oil-based teas cannot extract in hot water. We incorporate a broad spectrum, water-soluble CBD powder into our CBD teas that allows the CBD in the tea to actually be delivered. With optimum bioavailability and maximum absorption, our 100% THC-free CBD teas provide important benefits, especially when you want to deliciously calm down.

As always, because cannabinoids need fat to be absorbed in the small intestine, make sure to enjoy your CBD Teas with, or directly after a meal or snack.