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CBD & Kids

Kids with anxiety don’t do as well in school as they could:

Kids under constant stress usually dread going to school. The causes of stress in this "modern" world are many, and may include: fear of failure; parental pressure; not feeling accepted; lack of a supportive social network; family strife in the home; lack of sleep; etc. Everyone knows that a brain operating under constant stress and/or a lack of sleep will not be a brain functioning at 100%.

Dina McQueen
a month ago

Signs your child may benefit from CBD Chamomile Blend:

  1. They often appear agitated
  2. They show signs of restlessness
  3. They seem unable to focus
  4. They complain about stomachaches and/or headaches
  5. They are reluctant, or refuse to go to school
  6. While getting ready for school, meltdowns about their clothes or appearance ensue
  7. Crying or tantrums have become a regular thing
  8. Homework brings on huge struggles
  9. Bedtime has become a bit of a nightmare
  10. They have set high and/or unrealistic achievement expectations

How CBD helps calm you down:

Although CBD is just one of at least 85 cannabinoid compounds found in cannabis (which includes THC, the stuff that gets you high), it is the second most plentiful element of cannabis. The simple science behind why CBD is so effective in helping calm anxiety supports the idea that incorporating CBD Tea into a child’s nutritional plan is a really good idea!

All mammals are blessed with an Endocannabinoid System, or ECS. Two cannabinoid receptors called CBD1 & CBD2, mainly located in the brain, are there to regulate the release of neurotransmitters to prevent too much nerve activity. In this way, the body/mind is calmed, and anxiety is decreased. So, what we’re saying is, CBD is a totally natural way to help children relax; their bodies, like all human bodies, were perfectly made to receive the calming benefits of CBD.

Benefits of Chamomile & CBD Chamomile Blend:

  • As an antispasmodic chamomile, along with CBD, helps calm stomach issues.
  • Both chamomile and CBD are famous for helping one relax; perfect for a post supper treat, to prepare your child for bed. (Best to drink at least an hour before lights-out to avoid nighttime bathroom issues.)
  • The anti-inflammatory properties in both elements can help calm various conditions.
  • Antioxidant-rich, when applied topically as a poultice can help cultivate clear skin, a plus for teens dealing with acne.

DIY Acne Calmer for Teens:

  1. Brew a strong cup of CBD Chamomile Tea.
  2. Let cool completely, full strength (do not add ice).
  3. Use a small funnel to pour into glass cosmetic container.
  4. Soak cotton ball with full-strength tea and dab onto cleansed skin, several times a day. Keep refrigerated.
  5. Add even parts of super concentrated tea to equal part Witch Hazel for a super-charged toner. Keep refrigerated.