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CBD & Gut Health

Is your gut as healthy as it could and should be?

Your stomach has a brain. For real! Studies have demonstrated that a healthy gut can actually contribute to feelings of well-being, clear thinking, and even happiness.

Dina McQueen
4 months ago

9 signs your gut needs help:

  1. You often deal with bloating, gas, and/or stomach pain.
  2. You have food allergies and sensitivities.
  3. You suffer an autoimmune disease/disorder.
  4. You too frequently feel exhausted.
  5. You’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.
  6. Skin issues, such as eczema, psoriasis, or rosacea keep you from living your best life.
  7. Anxiety visits far more frequently than you feel is warranted.
  8. You get frequent headaches, and/or deal with brain fog.
  9. You crave sugar or carbs.

How CBD may help your gut:

It’s pretty simple, really: due to the potential for CBD to reduce inflammation, it may be useful for those dealing with a variety of inflammation-related issues.

Health Benefits of Peppermint & CBD:

  • Digestive support.
  • As an antispasmodic, peppermint, along with CBD, may support the respiratory system.
  • Menthol, an organic compound found in peppermint, and known for its cooling properties, is purported to help reduce fevers.
  • In vitro, peppermint has proven to be an antibacterial.
  • Used in gums, toothpaste, mouthwash and candies, peppermint has long been touted to reduce bad breath.
  • Finally, with the calming, cooling aromatherapy aspect of peppermint, combined with our water-soluble CBD, this blend offers a relaxing cup of tea, day or night.